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The Community and Walking with Jesus

Did you make your list of ways you are helped in walking the Way of Christ? Did you make your list of ways you can help others in their walk? Are you ready to share?

Last month I asked each of us to think about how our church community could aid us as we walk collectively and individually along the Way, the way of Christ. It was a busy month. My list is not done, maybe yours too, but the call is still there. I’m convinced if we don’t think about what would help us walk more surely, consistently, and transformationally (I think this is a word I made up so please excuse) we are doomed to repeat the old way and become stuck. And if we don’t share our needs and dreams with each other our community is stuck in the old ways and limited. The world needs more than that from us; Jesus calls us forward.

These are the questions:
What helps you as you walk the Way of Christ? What do you need now?

What do you do that helps others walk the Way of Christ? What might you do if needed?

Please answer generally and specifically. Share your answers by putting your lists on the blog and entering into a dialogue with others in community.

Blessings, Caroline

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